Updates from the home office

tl;dr Let me know your interest in testing activities or participating in a virtual lean coffee with this two question poll. Hope you’re OK My guess is that there’s a fairly good chance you’re reading this from your home. Wherever you are I hope you’re OK and getting the support needed to get through this. It’s been one week of elective self-isolation down and one to go with hands raw from the frequent washing and bleach wiping of being on the road for me. Adjusting to working on-line With the ability to work virtually (read more about that here) the … Continue reading

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Planning for product success

There is no recipe for product success, but these things might help. Be clear in the objectives and priorities. Keep the portfolio’s performance balanced. Continuously research and clear out unknowns. Keep shipping and monitoring production. Adapt the plan along the way. And if possible- have fun! Continue reading

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